About us

HOGAR – HOGARTIAN DIVERS is an organization cover recreational and technical training and we are open to all people, regardless of age, race, color, national origin, sexual preference, or religious belief. Obviously, there is some physical fitness required, but it's much less than you'd think. Anyone can scuba dive or be a member, whether they live in the area or not. Every scuba diver has something to learn, all the way from your basic open water diver through advanced technical training. Classes further your underwater skills which brings you comfort and confidence in your diving. Make your diving more enjoyable. If you dive or would like to dive or just have an interest in scuba diving in general, there's no better, cheaper way to scuba dive than by diving with us!

Our staffs of professional SCUBA divers and trainers are some of the most experienced in Hogarthian (DIR) diving, who successfully pass GUE trainings. We have PROTEC, ITDA, CMAS and DAN instructors on staff to take care of all your training needs. Our friendly and courteous staff will be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have. Our instructors are all dedicated divers that are required to hold certifications higher then the courses they teach so they are very good sources of knowledge on what classes will help you in your diving experience.

Hogar - Hogarthian Divers is committed to providing high quality SCUBA diving education. Hogar - Hogarthian Divers teaches the most up-to-date theories of diving.

We organize training for SCUBA divers in EU countries, mainly in: Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Hungary, Austria and France and also in non-EU countries Croatia and Egypt. We prefer some of the hallmarks of Hogarthian (DIR) diving includes an emphasis on teamwork, environmental awareness, and the use of highly optimized, streamlined, yet simple and versatile equipment configuration. The aim of the approach is to standardize equipment configuration and procedures for preventing and dealing with emergencies to improve safety.

The Hogarthian approach encompasses aspects of

  • equipment choice and configuration,
  • diving procedures and techniques,
  • diver fitness and preparedness.

Our program revolves around the most comprehensive educational materials and curriculum available, from premier certification agencies. Combined with task-oriented training, it successfully develops all critical areas, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Our goal is to produce highly proficient divers at every level of certification, from recreational open water to technical exploration, maintaining a clear reinforced focus on safety.

We only utilize, sell, and endorse the highest quality life support equipment available, subscribing to the “Doing It Right” philosophy of diving. We are passionate about and devoted to providing you the highest quality education and service obtainable.

Classes (courses) are constantly being offered. And there is always the opportunity for you to take a private scuba course. To view the current schedule please visits our Course Schedule.

See you there!


Certification Agency

We provide the Scuba Diving courses in following International Scuba Diving certification agencies:

  • ITDA – Iternational Technical Diving Agency
  • PROTEC - Professional Technical Diving International
  • CMAS - Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatique

You can use for theory our multimedia equipment that is supporting our lessons.

Multimedia equipment

We are located in nice place in Bratislava near the bus and tram station.  You can use our multimedia and PC during lesson even for see our presentation but also software for calculating decompression stops.

Final exam will verify you knowledge. Wrong answers will be explained to you by our instructors.