Dive Master

A. Purpose

  1. This Program is designed to provide responsible training for those persons wishing to supervise divers. These include Open Water Diver, EANx Diver, Advanced EANx Diver, and Deep Diver. Dive Masters may teach Snorkel Skin Diver. Dive Masters who complete item 2 under program content may the W Free Diver course.
  2. Divemasters may supervise, escort and assist in all Open Water SCUBA Diver Programs but cannot conduct SCUBA training exercises unless under the direction of a qualified Advanced EANx Instructor.

B. Prerequisites

  1. Must be qualified as an Advanced Open Water, Diver, First Aid, Oxygen Provider and Rescue or equivalent. Qualification in two optional Specialty Programs is recommended.
  2. Must provide proof of a minimum of 60 logged dives.
  3. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

C. Program Content

  1. This Program must include a minimum of 100 minutes of bottom time assisting with standard dives or classes under the supervision of an Advanced EANx Instructor.
  2. To be qualified to teach the Free Diver course must demonstrate ability to free dive to 50 fsw (15 msw) by actually doing a free dive to 50 fsw (15 msw) or by swimming 120 feet (36 meters) underwater in a confined water area.

D. Equipment Requirements

  1. One of the second-stage regulators on the primary gas supply must be attached with a hose that is at least 5 feet (1.5 meter) long (longer hoses are recommended).

E. Program Limits

  1. No dives may be conducted to depths greater than 130 fsw (39 msw).
  2. All appropriate safety or required decompression stops must be performed.

F. Qualification Renewal

  1. Assist in a minimum of 2 Programs annually
  2. Log a minimum of 12 non-Dive Mastering dives annually.
  3. Maintain current liability insurance and membership.

G. Water Skills Development

  1. A confined water session must be completed before conducting any OW dives
  2. To be allowed to teach the free Diver Program must demonstrate ability to free dive to 50 fsw (15 msw) by actually doing a free dive or by swimming 120 feet (36 meters) Underwater in a confined water area.
  3. Swim in a simulated out-of-air situation (without breathing, and exhaling slowly) for a distance of at least 60 feet (18 meters), and commence gas sharing. While gas sharing, continue to swim for at least 10 minutes while maintaining a swim rate of approximately 50 feet (17 meters) per minute.
  4. Demonstrate a rescue of a diver from a depth no greater than 20 fsw (6 msw) to the surface, including removal of equipment. Tow for a distance of about 100 feet (30 meters) while simulating rescue breaths.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in water skills taught in Deep Diver and Advanced EANx Diver Programs.
  6. Assist in water skills teaching as described in Program Content section.